Fashion Crafts: 5 Easy and Stylish Ideas

Fashion Crafts: 5 Easy and Stylish Ideas

Fashion! Depending on who you are asking, fashion might be a statement, a trend, or a lifestyle. For many, it is a lifestyle, a religion. A lot of people try their best to have an article of unique clothing relevant to custom hoodies canada in their wardrobe and create a unique fashion statement.

Most of the time, this is achieved by easy DIY fashion crafts. Fashion crafts help a lot in customizing shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, denim, hoodies, and even jewelry. You can also bring your stylish ideas to life and create your own fashion statement with fashion craft.

So, if you are looking to jump into the fashion craft project, here are 10 easy ideas to help you start customizing your own wardrobe:


Glittering is one way you can customize your clothes with ease. To do this, you only need to find some glitter and then mix it with fabric glue. Apply the mixture on your shirt, blouse, or any other garment. Glittering makes old clothing look new again. It does not require expert crafting skills.

Screen Printing

Screen printing could easily come top 5 in a survey on the most used fashion crafts. In fact, most giant fashion brands have used screen printing in their pieces. They are probably using it right now as you are reading this.

Screen printing is not as complicated as many people think. There are simple ways of screen printing your clothing that do not involve the use of emulsions or sensitizers. You can do it at home during your free time.


You probably own a bleached t-shirt. If not, one of your friends or relatives owns two or even three. Bleached shirts have become an easy way to customize a t-shirt.

Every household has a bottle of bleach kept somewhere to remove stains. But did you know that bleach can help you customize your t-shirts? Bleaching is the easiest way and probably the quickest DIY fashion craft. There are many tutorials online that will help you bleach your shirt.


You can patch clothes to cover a tear every now and then, especially when you are not yet ready to let go of that piece filled with memories. It is an amazing fashion craft that can work on all garments.

You can patch t-shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, hoodies, purses, and even scarfs. It is not a complex craft, and with a few tutorials, you can learn how to do elbow patches which are the easiest.


This article could not end without mentioning stitching. Stitching is one of the best fashion crafts to use when embedding patterns on a garment.

If you have never crafted before, don’t worry because the stitching is not quantum physics. Within a short time of practicing, you should be able to design your wardrobe with stitch designs.

Final Words

There are many other DIY fashion crafts you can do. However, we couldn’t fit all of them here. But, you can start with the easy fashion craft styles mentioned above. They are easy to do, and you can create a lot of unique designs using them.

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