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Garden City Essentials - Soap

Garden City soaps are formulated from scratch, hand blended, poured and packaged in small batches. They are free from any and all synthetic and harmful ingredients such as petroleum, parabens, preservatives, endocrine disruptors, GMOs, fragrances, solvents and dyes. 

All soap bars are hard and long lasting. To ensure that your soap lasts as long as possible, keep it out of pooling water.


Charcoal  - For sensitive, allergic and oily skin types.

Lavender Honey - For all skin types, especially dry or sensitive skin (including babies).

Rosemary & Mint - For all skin types, head to toe.

Rose Clay - Beautiful for all skin types.

Lemongrass Poppy  - Poppy seeds provide a stimulating exfoliation, to slough away dead cells and promote blood circulation to the surface of the skin.

Patchouli - Patchouli heals inflammation and is wonderful for dermatitis, eczema and other topical skin conditions.

Seaweed  - Seaweed soap provides a deep moisturizing cleanse. The skin is nourished with essential vitamins and minerals and detoxified as it is very gently exfoliated. Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils lend their anti-bacterial properties.

Made in Saint Catharines.