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Province Apothecary - No. 7

Uplift: Sicilian Bergamot / Australian Sandalwood / Bay Laurel A vibrant + fresh scent to awaken the senses and enliven the spirit, infusing your day with promise and optimism.

Free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, and GMOs. Vegan, and 100 % natural. *Sediment and cloudiness may form in this perfume, due to the essential oils used. Province Apothecary chooses not to filter their perfumes because we want to give you the best and most concentrated scent possible. This is not a sign of mold or age, it is just due to the chemistry of the essential oil. Shake well before use each time. 

Made in Toronto.

Ingredients: organic and wildcrafted essential oils in organic jojoba oil. Not all ingredients are listed to protect perfume formulas.