Our Commitment to Anti-Racism Work

June 9 2020


Last week we took the time to listen and reflect while we muted our feed to anything but issues of racial justice. As we move forward we cannot do so without condemning white supremacy within the system and society at large, within our business, and within ourselves individually. We know that there is so much work to be done and we are working to highlight and dismantle the barriers that are upheld here at White Elephant. We must do better. Here are some first steps that we are taking in the process:

    • Increasing brands that we carry by BIPOC makers and businesses, and breaking down any obstacles that our current business model and access to wealth may have in terms of building and supporting these relationships.
    • Our monthly donation budget will be 75% devoted to organizations or causes that support and uplift the BIPOC community, with a focus on the 2SLGBTQIA+ population within these communities.
    • Holding the brands and makers we carry accountable for providing safe, anti-racist, and inclusive work environments, fair wages for their staff, and pushing for greater size inclusivity within their clothing lines specifically. 
    • A continued commitment to promoting and amplifying causes, injustices, and resources to educate on our social media platforms, as well as within the shop.
    • A continued commitment to building an inclusive, anti-racist, and non-discriminatory environment with our staff and clientele.
    • A continued commitment to using our voice and platform within our direct community to push for change within Hamilton City Council on matters of social justice.

Over the past week we were able to spread our donations (both as a business and individuals) to a number of organizations including:

As a small business that has always had a fraught relationship with capitalism (while undoubtedly benefiting from it as two white women) we recognize the role that we play in upholding oppressive white supremacist systems - which is by no means limited to the gentrification of our city and our role in that. We will continue to listen, to read, to educate ourselves, to take action, and we will do better. Building a safe and inclusive community has always been the foremost pillar of our business and we will continue to make sure that we are learning everyday, decolonizing our minds and spaces, and working hard to serve all members of our community. We invite you to get in touch with any feedback that you may have. We are listening.


In Solidarity,

Hollie and Jane