White Elephant is run by Hollie Pocsai and Jane LaBatte in beautiful Hamilton, Ontario. We opened our doors in 2008 on James Street North and haven’t looked back.

Opening up a shop with your BFF means lots of shared interests and lots of fun. Together we enjoy CAPS LOCK, the ocean floor, antiquing, cheeseburgers, road trips, Phyllis Diller, and our city.


Jane splits her time between White Elephant, and making jewelry under the name Rare Specimens. When she’s not working, she can usually be found hanging out with her basset hound, spending time outdoors, or talking about Tim Riggins.


While Hollie’s passion is White Elephant, she always needs to keep her hands busy and does so by indulging in embroidery, cross stitch, weaving, gardening and baking. She and her husband (and their two cats) enjoy their life in the North End of Hamilton, fixing up their early 1900’s home.

Jane and Hollie met 15 years ago when they sat beside each other in Grade 9 math class. Instead of learning about fractions, Jane asked questions about the hearts Hollie doodled all over her notebook and an instant bond was formed. Our partnership works well, and we almost always agree on everything that goes into the shop. We have a shared interest in quality handmade goods and promoting local and sustainable shopping. Our shop is a reflection of our own personal styles and tastes, and we feel so lucky to be doing what we love together. We can't wait for you to come by and say hello to us!

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