Made-in-Canada Clothing Brands to Shop

Supporting the local economy is the best thing to do for any citizen. Here, we look at some of the clothing brands to do your shopping. It is just a matter of time, and your wardrobe will change for the better.
Here are made-in-Canada brands worth considering:

Hoi Bo– If you are a lover of the modest and oversize clothing style, Hoi Bo is the place to be. Under this station, one is likely to get unique brands that can suit your taste and preference. Their colors do not wear out quickly, and one can remain in their style for quite a long time. Handmade bags, jewelry, and clothes are their signature…

Ethical Sustainable Fashion: Buy Online

Technology improvement has made it easy for clients across the globe to shop ethical clothing via the internet. You will also access various Canadian designers who use natural fibers like linen and washable organic cotton. Some of the ethical clothing available includes:

Frank and Oak- This is a Canadian-designed fashion for men. The brand is made both locally or ethically.
Tentree —B.C.-these are ethical designs available for men and kids. The designs are comfortable and come with functional clothes and accessories which have sustainable materials.
Okayok designs—this is a brand which is made in Toronto…

Children’s Clothing Accessories Made in Ontario, Canada

There are listings of manufacturers who create high-quality clothing designs which cater to the environment, not forgetting the fashion. Some of the brands in Ontario include:

Little Wanderer Clothing Co– This is a brand that specializes in modern designs for kids. The wardrobe is based in Ottawa valley, offering clothes for children which promote sustainable and environmentally friendly fashions. They create fabric teethers, top knot hats for newborns, toddlers’ dresses, overalls, and shorts.
Valley Child Clothing– This brand is environmentally friendly and …

Why Buy Handmade Products?

The current report indicates that the demand for handmade products has risen for the last decades compared to other items. These items are made with passion, and lots of dedication which is why the increase in demand is not surprising.
Handmade products have been proven to be sustainable as you will shop with soul. The fact that it is eco-friendly shopping makes the products to be sustainable compared to any other products.
Compared to mass production, most clients would go for handmade items as the production of the raw materials tends to differ. Mass production aims to lower the cost of production, which means products that…

How Handmade Store Owners Turned their Passion to Profits

Technology improvement has resulted in significant changes in how the selling and buying of handmade items are currently done. It has also resulted in DIY entrepreneurs who can begin and grow their businesses via the internet. Examples include:

Coralie Reiter Jewellery– They have shared that they make in the textile industry through selling bracelets and necklaces online. Having a passion for jewelry, the artists have grown the industry and acquired a niche, increasing the annual revenue and returns annually.
Fitzy- This company deals with modernized handmade leather products. …

7 Websites for Selling Crafts

Getting your crafts to sell much faster with no delays is through considering some of the highlighted eCommerce sites.  Here are 7 websites that sells craft that you should check out:

Cratejoy- This is a platform that assists subscription box entrepreneurs in acquiring a niche through finding quality subscribers. The site is best for artisans and makers who want to grow their revenue through subscription commerce models.
Etsy- It is an eCommerce platform where at least thirty million buyers across the globe spend almost three billion dollars to join the creative marketplace. It is a …