Decor and Handmade Lights

Anyone wishing to get the best fairy lights for decor can do win ease upon checking via the local handmade market. Here, you will gain access to a variety of decor and handmade lights for your interiors. They come with stunning and unique features which best meet the client’s taste and preferences. You will get details on how to make highly valued and stylish handmade lights in the comfort of your home.
Besides, you will gain access to the ideas and options to come up with the best decor products for your home. The handmade lights made best-fit events such as birthday parties, weddings, engagement occasions and so on. The …

Functional Pottery

Pottery which is well made apart from being handmade, is a joy for every person. There is that extra feeling which one gets upon receiving something which is well made. Getting extra excitement for your pottery will require one to acquire additional skills on ceramic and attend pottery lessons. Being sure that you are making and serving pottery made from fresh foods and beverages is the best thing ever.
You will get to share the joy brought by such a handmade mug as you unite more people from across the globe. Pottery is one unique thing that helps in growing crafting skills. Perfecting them better is achievable through adopting …

Ontario Artists Products

Shopping the handmade products online is a way of supporting the Ontario artist. The website offers a list of Ontario artists with the products they create. Suppose you are looking for exceptional gifts during holidays or different birthdays and anniversaries. In that case, you need to go for handmade gifts.
These gifts are more appreciated in a way that you cannot imagine. Ontario artisan creators have an extensive range of gift options for global clients, small businesses, and other big enterprises to choose from. Among the artisan products include:

Personal Care Items– This includes skin and …

DIY Card Holder Phone Case

Finding a good case for your phone is never a walk in the park to most first-timers. Getting the right one to fit your phone perfectly can take a longer time than you can imagine. Fortunately, it is possible to make a phone case via the DIY project upon having all the requirements.
Having all the materials will make the best phone case. Making a case that can hold two cards is simple if you have the research done extensively via credible sources. Making the best DIY cardholder phone case is simple if you consider the below steps:

The first step is to have the fabric placed down on the right side on a flat area. Here, …

Store Craft Supplies

If you are still struggling with how to store craft supplies, here’s a guide on getting started. Some of the items you must have depended on the kind of task in a specific station, craft supplies, and style.

Plastic Bin with Handle: Plastic bins are the best for storing supplies such as photographs, stickers, car stocks, embellishments, and embossing folders. The toolbox has a lid and handles for effective operation.
Wood Tool & Brush Box: This toolbox has few modern twists with exceptional raw wood finish and portability. The box is meant to store stamps, ink pads, markers…

Colorful Mason Jar Candle Holders

Making beautiful Mason jar holders will require one to have a Mod Podge and food coloring. The task is quite simple, and any person can handle it with ease. You will be required to come up with a mixture of food coloring and decoupage medium, then dye the mason jars. The outer part will be painted with adhesive stencils to improve its appearance.
To make the process a success, you require ingredients such as colored glass paint, food coloring, mod podge gloss, Mason jar. Also, it would be best if you had devices such as sponsors, a mixing container, and an adhesive stencil. The first step is to clean the Mason jar with water and …

How to Paint Mason Jars

If you have a passion for Mason jar crafts, you need to have them painted to enhance their look. Painted jars are one excellent investment you are missing out on if you are a crafter. Glass jars have also been proved to be simple to work with, more so to the starters than any other crafts. Your crafting journey can be fantastic if you choose to start with painting glass jars.
Besides, the painted jars bring fantastic interior decor to your home since they fit decorations for different events such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, among others. In terms of cost, the painted glass jars are inexpensive, and you …